Job information

General info

Job No. FS102
Job Type Farm Stay
Category Agriculture, Tourism
Interests Animals, Horses, Hostel & Hotel, Nature & Environment
Regoin Middle, North, Patagonia, South
City In all of Chile
Period year round
Duration at least 4 weeks
Allowance no
Accommodation yes
Catering yes
Visa no
Age 18 years or older
Language Spanish (mid level)


In the past few decades, Chile has become a hotspot for farm tourism. Many colonial haciendas, wineries, traditional farms and family farms have opened up to tourism and welcome guests on their premises. Tourists can spend the night in cozy wooden houses or guest rooms and take part in various activities during the day. Riding trips in particular play a major role. These can be short riding tours in the immediate vicinity or several day riding treks into the hinterland and the Andes.

Your tasks may include the following:

  • Moving and training horses
  • Ride horses
  • Feed and care for horses
  • Bring horses to pasture and stables
  • Stable work
  • Maintenance work
  • Prepare horses for riding excursions
  • Accompany riding excursions
  • Look after guests
  • Translation tasks
  • Cooperate in the operation of the guest rooms
  • Help with catering
  • Expansion and maintenance of hiking trails and other tourist infrastructure


Physical fitness, the ability to work in a team, a sense of responsibility, sociability, flexibility, being a horse lover, and riding skills are advantageous.

mid level Spanish (A2-B1)
We would be happy to organize a preparatory Spanish course in Chile for you.  more info 

Work hours:
​around 30 – 40 hours per week

International travel health insurance is required. Liability insurance with international protection and travel cancellation insurance is also recommended. You should also take out accident insurance for activities in particularly dangerous areas.  more info

In principle, no special vaccinations are required. We recommend that you contact your general practitioner or an appropriate travel doctor before you travel.  more info

No special visa is required. We recommend that you contact the responsible Chilean consulate before you start your journey.  more info

Do you have any questions? You can find many more answers in our FAQ on Farm work  in Chile
Of course, you can also write us an email at any time or simply give us a call. Contact


Accommodation and meals provided by the employer

Our services

  • Placement of farm work in Chile
  • Free accommodation (single or shared room) and full board from the employer
  • Personal advice and support for general questions throughout your stay
  • Translation of your résumé in Spanish
  • Personal English contact person on site
  • Organization of the onward journey to the program location
  • 24-hour emergency number in Chile
  • Program confirmation for visa application (if a visa is necessary)
  • Certificate of participation for your ranch stay
  • Info brochure with the most important data and facts about Chile
  • Useful information and tips about your stay


up to 1 month
530 USD
up to 2 months
555 USD
up to 3 months
580 USD
up to 4 months
605 USD
up to 5 months
630 USD
up to 6 months
655 USD

Note: One-time registration fee 120 USD. The specified costs are only to be paid once (not monthly).

Combine farm work with work and travel, volunteering or internship

Our services

If you are planning a longer stay, you can combine, for example, 2 farm work á 3 months or 1 farm work and 1 work and travel job, volunteer work, au pair or internship in different places in Chile. Our programs can be combined with one another as needed. The best thing is, if you combine several programs in Chile, you will receive the following discounts on the program costs.


2 Programs
-55 USD
3 Programs
-75 USD
4 Programs
-165 USD
5 Programs
-220 USD
6 Programs
-325 USD

Accommodations and Meals

Your accommodation in a single or shared room is included and will be provided by your employer. You live directly at your place of work.

You will also receive full board with typical local foods and dishes. The catering is provided either as meals served, food to be cooked by yourself or money for your own purchases.

Usually you have access to the internet and you can use it for free. But there are also very remote farms, where very poor or non-existent Internet reception must be expected.

Farmarbeit Chile


The farms and haciendas are spread all over Chile. In the central region of Chile there are many colonial haciendas, traditional manors and wineries that have opened to tourists. In the south of Chile you will find rather small family businesses in a picturesque landscape. In Patagonia, on the other hand, there are many former estancias (sheep farms), which have meanwhile turned into well-visited tourist businesses with a wide range of excursions.

The farms are located in beautiful scenic regions and offer you the opportunity to get to know Chilean country life in all its originality.