What do I gain with an internship abroad with ChileVentura?

Have you had enough of the dreary everyday life and want to experience something new and exciting? Would you like to stand out from the crowd and brush up on your foreign language skills before, during or after your studies?

If yes, then an internship abroad in South America is just the thing for you! With ChileVentura you have a competent contact person with first-class contacts for all aspects of an internship. We have specialized in finding targeted internships for school children and students who want to gain practical experience in companies on an international level and also want to improve their language skills.

With an internship abroad you can immerse yourself in a foreign culture, gain work experience and learn Spanish at the same time. In addition, an internship abroad gives you the chance to get to know the country and its people and at the same time enrich your CV with valuable experience. If you are a student or have just completed an apprenticeship, an internship in South America is a good way of getting your bearings and gaining initial practical experience. As a student, mandatory internships are required anyway, which you can do just as well with an internship abroad. Such an internship is a big plus for any future employer.

If your language skills are insufficient, you can supplement your internship in South America with a language course or a language trip before the internship begins. This is definitely highly recommended, even if your language skills are a little more advanced. During your Spanish course you have time to settle in, to get used to the dialect and to make valuable contacts with like-minded people. Future employers always like to see additional foreign language skills and in some industries they are even a prerequisite for certain jobs.

Requirements for an internship abroad

An internship abroad in South America needs to be well organized. For example, you need different visas depending on the country you are traveling to, and sometimes a very specific one. ChileVentura will be happy to advise you on this. Of course, it is also necessary that you have accommodation in advance. Whether your internship takes place in South or Latin America, you definitely need a good flight connection, the appropriate insurance and vaccinations for the respective country. You can find more answers to many questions about internships in South America in our FAQ.

ChileVentura is at your side so that you don’t have to worry about planning and can concentrate fully on your internship abroad.

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Find your perfect internship abroad now

ChileVentura is the contact person for your internship abroad and for all organizational questions in advance of your stay abroad. The topic of internships abroad is quite difficult to understand. But that’s what we’re here for. We are not only responsible for arranging the internship, but also your partner during the internship, in case things go unexpectedly wrong or you just need help in some areas so that you are not alone while you are abroad.

But a paid internship abroad is not the only way to combine work with experience abroad. If you’d rather get involved in a voluntary or non-profit capacity, then take a look at the opportunities our volunteering program offers you. If you want to combine your internship abroad in Latin America with a language trip, Work and Travel could be just the thing for you. Language trips have the advantage that you can travel all over the country and have enough time to really immerse yourself in the country’s culture. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in working with children, then you should find out about the opportunities that you have as an AuPair abroad. You can find an overview of all projects and jobs in our job database.

No matter what you choose, a stay abroad will definitely be a huge enrichment for your CV and, above all, for you personally! Take a look at the many opportunities for internships abroad on ChileVentura and start your personal adventure now.

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Internship in Chile

ChileVentura has a huge network of internship positions in Chile. Here you will find all the information about internships abroad in Chile as well as reasons why an internship in Chile is our favorite in South America.