Scenery of Chile

Breathtaking scenery

The narrow country

In the language of the Aymara people, Chile means “where the world ends”. Even the shape of the country is extraordinary, with a length of around 4,300 km and an average width of 180 km. The narrow country has everything to offer in terms of landscape. There is probably no other country that combines so many climate zones compared to Chile. You will find everything from eternal ice, blue shimmering glaciers, hot springs and snow-capped volcanoes to rainforests, the driest desert on earth, steppes, endless sandy beaches and snow-capped mountains. There is probably no other place in the world (and if there is one, please let us know) where you can go skiing in the Andes in the morning and relax on the beach on the Pacific coast in the afternoon.

Culture of Chile

Cultural diversity

Modern and traditional

If the breathtaking landscape of Chile is not enough for you, you will appreciate the cultural diversity. The modern metropolis of Santiago de Chile with almost 6 million inhabitants, glamorous beach towns such as Viña del Mar with sandy beaches lined with palm trees and the picturesque port city of Valparaíso stand in contrast to remote valleys and villages inland.

In addition, Chile is considered a well-kept gastronomic secret and its culinary highlights make a trip to the land of diverse cuisines worthwhile. Chilean cuisine is a culinary mixture of old traditions and ingredients of the indigenous population with preparation methods and tendencies from Europe. The Pacific coast is one of Chile’s great assets because of the variety of fish and seafood.

Combine your culinary travel experience with the enjoyment of Chilean wine, which is considered one of the best wines in the world.

Chile’s Economy

Leading economy of South America

Economic stability

From an economic point of view, Chile is one of the leading nations in South America. The inflation rate is constant between 2 and 4 percent. Chile is a member of the UN, World Bank, APEC and many other organizations. Many well-known international corporations are represented in Santiago de Chile. In South America, Chile is by far the safest travel destination. E.g. Santiago, the capital of Chile, is no more dangerous than any major American city.

According to many global studies, Chile offers the best quality of life in all of Latin America. Chile also stands out for its advances in the world of communications. Satellite networks and internet access are available throughout the country and WiFi is available in many public places.

Last but not least, the first-class and modern infrastructure as well as the economic and political stability of the country have resulted in Chile establishing itself as the perfect destination for business travel tourism. Santiago de Chile has a large number of convention centers and excellent hotels in the urban area of ​​the central region.

The people of Chile

Warm and hospitable

The heart of Chile

And now to the heart of Chile – its people. Family and friends have an absolutely high priority in Chilean society and form the backbone of society. The Chileans have an open-minded, but unobtrusive manner. You will soon experience their hospitality. Following a nice small talk on the bus, at the vegetable stand or at the kiosk on the street, you are frequently invited to a barbecue.

The way in which they master and enjoy their life, even without the classic status symbols for Europeans, is simply admirable. The happiness of the people will carry you away and make you see the world with different eyes. Let yourself be surprised and fascinated by Chile!

Off to Chile

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