What to expect in Chile

You get a single room with full amenities. In addition, you will receive monthly pocket money from the host family, and in return you will support the family with childcare and also help out a bit with the household tasks. During your au pair time in Chile you will make life long friends and you are guaranteed to experience personal growth from this unique experience.
As a competent contact person with first-class contacts, we are here to answer all questions relating to the topic of au pairs in Chile. We only place back ground checked and qualified au pair families in Chile, who are individually checked by our local partner as a member of the international au pair association IAPA. We will also be happy to help you reserve preparatory and accompanying language courses in Chile.Register now or make a non-binding inquiryChile – hospitality and warmth!
The people of Chile are known for their hospitality and warmth. Family and friendship have an absolutely high priority in Chilean society and form the backbone of society. As an au pair and therefore part of the family, you will quickly experience their hospitality and warmth.

You can find more reasons for an au pair in Chile here: Reasons for an au pair in Chile


Reasons to au pair in Chile

  • Advantage on applications due to international experience
  • Personal development
  • Spanish is the second most important language in the world.
  • Experiencing a new fascinating culture
  • Priceless experiences
  • Make new friends

Working as an au pair in Chile has many advantages. You benefit both personally and professionally. An au pair stay is a big advantage  for future job applications. You will also grow personally through gaining independence and getting to know yourself better.

Expanding your Spanish skills is also particularly valuable. Spanish is the second most important language in the world today and is constantly gaining importance. As an au pair your Spanish skills will  progress rapidly as you learn more everyday.

Of course, you don’t just go to the other “side of the world” to work, you want to have a great, unforgettable time, and experience something new and fun. Your host family’s children will certainly make you laugh a lot, and the open-minded nature of the Chileans and the country itself will inspire you. You can explore Chile together with your new friends.

During your au pair stay in Chile, ChileVentura is always here to help. We advise you actively and are available for questions and problems of any kind, in order to make your au pair stay an unforgettable experience.

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Au-pair Chile

Au-pair Families in Chile

Our au pair host families are spread all over Chile, but most of them live in the greater Santiago area. The make up of families are very different. We work with both Chilean and foreign families. The families usually have one to four children between the ages of 0 and 14 years. All of our au pair families are carefully selected and we do a home inspection. We work to match the ideas and needs of the family with yours, so that we have the best possible family au pair match .

Large selection of host families

Family - Au pair match

Verified host families

General information about Au-pairing in Chile

The typical tasks of an au pair in Chile include childcare and household tasks. This includes, for example, taking the children to school, helping the children with homework, playing, doing handicrafts or singing. It is also possibly you will accompany the children to sports and leisure activities and to go to the playground with them.

Work hours
The needs of every host family are different, and so the hours you work are determined by you and your host family. The average work week is 30-40 hours per week. You are entitled to at least 2 completely free weekends per month and at least four free evenings per week.

Depending on the host family, your pocket money is between 200 and 330 euros per month. In addition, you receive a single room and full amenities free of charge.

Duration and timing
You determine the duration and the date of your au pair stay yourself. However, the minimum duration is 3 months, and a maximum of 12 months is possible. You can start your au pair job in Chile at any time of the year.

Knowledge of Spanish
You don’t speak Spanish yet or only very little? No problem. Au pairs who do not yet speak Spanish can reach the required language level in a language school in Chile in just a few weeks. In some host families, the working hours allow you to take a Spanish course in addition to your au pair job.

You can find more questions and answers about au pairs in Chile in our FAQ.

mit Unterkunft im Einzelzimmer und Vollverpflegung

Includes the following services

  • Vermittlung deiner Au-pair Familie in Chile
  • Einzelzimmer im Haus der Gastfamilie
  • Vollverpflegung bei der Gastfamilie
  • Persönliche Beratung und Unterstützung bei allgemeinen Fragen während deines gesamten Aufenthaltes
  • Übersetzung deines Lebenslaufs auf Spanisch
  • Persönlicher deutscher Ansprechpartner vor Ort
  • 24-Stunden Notfallnummer in Chile
  • Programmbestätigung für Visumsantrag (falls ein Visum nötig sein sollte)
  • Teilnahmebestätigung für dein Au-pair
  • Infobroschüre mit den wichtigsten Daten und Fakten zu Chile
  • Nützliche Infos und Tipps zu deinem Aufenthalt


ab 3 Monate
490 Euro
bis 4 Monate
520 Euro
bis 5 Monate
550 Euro
bis 6 Monate
580 Euro
jeder weitere Monat
30 Euro

Hinweis: Einmalige Anmeldegebühr 100 Euro. Die angegebenen Kosten sind nur einmalig zu entrichten (nicht monatlich).

Au-pair mit Work and Travel, Freiwilligenarbeit oder Praktikum kombinieren

Includes the following services

Wenn du einen längeren Aufenthalt planst, dann kannst du z.B. auch ein Au-pair Job mit einem Work and Travel Job, einem Ranchstay, einer Freiwilligenarbeit oder einem Praktikum an unterschiedlichen Orten in Chile kombinieren. Unsere Programme sind beliebig miteinander kombinierbar. Und das beste ist, wenn du mehrere Programme in Chile miteinander kombinierst, erhältst du nebenstehende Rabatte auf die Programmkosten.


2 Programme
-50 Euro
3 Programme
-70 Euro
4 Programme
-150 Euro
5 Programme
-200 Euro
6 Programme
-300 Euro