Farm work in South America

Would you like to experience South America up close and get to know more than just the tourist highlights? With a farmstay in South America you will immerse yourself in the everyday life and help out on a traditional ranch. You not only get to know the farming family and their daily work, but also the country and culture. We have summarized everything you need to know about a farmstay in South America, all information about costs and much more.

Most of the participants in ChileVentura choose a farm stay in combination with a visit to a language school in South America. You can find information about our language courses here.

Why a Farm Stay in Chile?

South America is known for its many horse-breeding farms. It is precisely these ranches that are in the focus of young people who travel to South America for a farm stay and want to immerse themselves in rural life here. Accommodation and meals are free for you.

On many farms, all volunteers eat meals together in good company and get to know each other better during their stay. This strengthens your feeling of togetherness and also improves your language skills. By working on a horse ranch or another farm in South America, you learn a foreign language on the side and improve your language level. You will also get a deep insight into the culture and traditions of the region.

In addition, you do valuable work for the farmers on site and take a lot of practical skills with you for your later life. By the way, farm work in South America is particularly suitable as a travel destination for a longer stay abroad thanks to the many ranches. Here you have a large selection of hosts that we would be happy to refer you to. At the same time, the country impresses with its unique nature and landscape, which you can explore in more detail during your free time on excursions.

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Where is a Farm Stay possible in South America?

A farm stay in South America is possible on different farms. Staying on a horse ranch, where the daily work largely revolves around horses, is particularly popular. A large number of such horse ranches are distributed across the entire country.

In addition, you will also find farms with a tourist focus in South America. Holidaymakers from their own country and all over the world come here to discover South American farm life and spend an exciting holiday. By working on a tourist farm you come into contact with many people and get to know the country’s tourism from the ground up.

A third possibility is to stay on a farm with cattle breeding and arable farming. Here, too, you can expect many exciting and varied tasks related to farm life. You can also find more information about farm work in South America in our job database.

If you have no or very little knowledge of Spanish so far, we will be happy to help you find a suitable language school in South America with intensive courses. Within a short period of time, these will give you the basics you need to communicate on the farm. You will acquire more extensive language skills later on during your farm stay in South America.

Would you like to get to know South America better on a farm stay? Then we would be happy to actively support you in preparing for your stay abroad. We will help you with travel planning, finding the right host for your ranch stay in South America and give tips on leisure planning, visiting a language school and all other questions about woofing South America. You can find more information about this in our FAQ. Get to know a country full of adventure, natural beauty and exciting traditions and travel to South America for a farm stay!

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Ranchstay in Chile

ChileVentura has a huge network of farm work and ranch stay jobs in Chile. Here you will find all information about a ranch stay in Chile as well as reasons why a farm stay in Chile is our favorite in South America.