What to expect in Chile

A ranch stay in Chile is the right one for all those who like to be in nature and are not scared off by physical work. Farm work in Chile is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and immerse yourself in Chilean country life. Take the opportunity of a farm stay and experience the culture of the Huasos, the Chilean horsemen and farm workers, up close.

We arrange ranch stays and farm work all over Chile in your desired area. Accommodation and meals are free. We have farm work on horse ranches, in riding stables or breeding farms for horses as well as on farms for equestrian sports or haciendas are particularly popular.

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Chile and the origin of country life!
Agriculture and horse breeding have a long tradition in Chile. The country offers a wide variety of farms and ranches. For adventurers who want to get to know country life in Chile up close, horse farms and haciendas offer a perfect opportunity.

You can find more reasons for a ranch stay in Chile here: Reasons for farm work in Chile


Reasons for a farm stay in Chile?

  • Experience Chile’s nature while you work
  • Experience new cultures and traditions
  • Learn about horses, agriculture and live stock
  • Personal development
  • Learn the second most important language in the world
  • Gain loads of priceless memories and experiences

Doing a farm work or ranch stay in Chile will be an unforgettable experience for you. You have the opportunity to work every day surrounded by a unique natural backdrop. Chile is a true paradise for nature lovers, horse lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. And you will be right in the middle of it!

You will experience the Chilean way of life in the countryside and the traditions of the Huasos, the Chilean horsemen and farm workers. On the farm you can lend a hand and learn everything you need to know about horses, animals or agriculture.
In doing so, you will also improve your Spanish skills and learn the second most important language in the world through practicing your Spanish every day, simply because most people in rural areas do not speak any foreign languages.

ChileVentura supports you in every way during your farm stay in Chile, whether it be with the selection of leisure activities or travel planning. We advise you actively and are happy to assist you with questions and problems of any kind, in order to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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Ranchstay Chile

Farm Jobs in Chile

Your farm work is possible in the areas of horse ranching, tourist farms or farms with arable and livestock farming. Our ranch stays are spread across the country, close to cities or in complete isolation. Most of the farms and ranches are in the central region of Chile and in southern Chile, from the lake region down to Patagonia.

Horse Ranch

Tourist Farms

Agriculture and livestock farming

General information about Ranchstays in Chile

Fields of Work
You can choose to work on animal farms (e.g. horses, goats, sheep, cows, etc.), or on farms with arable farming and farms that are dedicated to tourism. Tourist farms offer their guests, for example, horse riding excursions and accommodate them in typical, cozy guest houses. Depending on which farm you work on, your tasks vary slightly. However, hard physical work and a high level of self-motivation are often expected.

The tasks can include the care and feeding of the horses, stable work, field and gardening work as well as harvesting and sowing. Preparing horses for riding excursions, milking or shearing sheep can also be part of your tasks.

Work Hours
As a rule, the working week is 40 hours per week. The exact work hours, however, depend on the farm, the time of year and seasonal factors. In principle, work is carried out seven days a week, as the harvest, the animals or on tourist farms, the guests also want to be looked after on the weekend. Therefore, you should be flexible and be available on weekends. For weekend work, you will get the days off during the week.

A ranch stay or farm stay includes free board and lodging. Your food will be provided either as a traditional meal that is served, food to cook yourself or money for your own purchases.

Duration and timing
You determine the duration and time of your assignment yourself. Most jobs on farms, however, do not last less than 1 month.

Knowledge of Spanish
In order for you to be able to integrate yourself into the daily work and life on the farm, medium level of Spanish is recommended. Many Chileans, especially in rural areas, do not speak any foreign languages.

You don’t speak Spanish yet or only very little? No problem. In selected language schools in Chile you will reach the necessary language level in a few weeks before starting your farm work. If you do not yet have any knowledge of Spanish, we recommend attending a language course of at least 4-6 weeks.

You can find more questions and answers about ranch stays in Chile in our FAQ.

Unterkunft und Verpflegung vom Arbeitgeber gestellt

Includes the following services

  • Vermittlung einer Farmarbeit in Chile
  • Freie Unterkunft (Einzel- oder Mehrbettzimmer) und Vollpension vom Arbeitgeber
  • Persönliche Beratung und Unterstützung bei allgemeinen Fragen während deines gesamten Aufenthaltes
  • Übersetzung deines Lebenslaufs auf Spanisch
  • Persönlicher deutscher Ansprechpartner vor Ort
  • Organisation der Weiterreise zur Programmstelle
  • 24-Stunden Notfallnummer in Chile
  • Programmbestätigung für Visumsantrag (falls ein Visum nötig sein sollte)
  • Teilnahmebestätigung für deinen Ranchstay
  • Infobroschüre mit den wichtigsten Daten und Fakten zu Chile
  • Nützliche Infos und Tipps zu deinem Aufenthalt


ab 1 Monat
445 Euro
bis 2 Monate
465 Euro
bis 3 Monate
485 Euro
bis 4 Monate
505 Euro
bis 5 Monate
525 Euro
bis 6 Monate
545 Euro

Hinweis: Einmalige Anmeldegebühr 100 Euro. Die angegebenen Kosten sind nur einmalig zu entrichten (nicht monatlich).

Farmarbeit mit Work and Travel, Freiwilligenarbeit oder Praktikum kombinieren

Includes the following services

Wenn du einen längeren Aufenthalt planst, dann kannst du z.B. auch 2 Farmarbeiten á 3 Monate oder 1 Farmarbeit und 1 Work and Travel JobFreiwilligenarbeit, Au-pair oder Praktikum an unterschiedlichen Orten in Chile kombinieren. Unsere Programme sind beliebig miteinander kombinierbar. Und das beste ist, wenn du mehrere Programme in Chile miteinander kombinierst, erhältst du nebenstehende Rabatte auf die Programmkosten.


2 Programme
-50 Euro
3 Programme
-70 Euro
4 Programme
-150 Euro
5 Programme
-200 Euro
6 Programme
-300 Euro