Social commitment abroad

You have chosen South America as your destination for volunteering and are now looking for volunteer projects in which you can put your heart and soul into? Here you will find a lot of useful information about volunteering in South America and you can start planning your next travel dream.

Volunteering in South America will help you improve your language skills, learn a lot about culture and traditions and maybe even make new friendships that will last long after your stay. At the same time, you will broaden your Spanish skills and gain unforgettable impressions that will broaden your horizons.

Most of the participants in ChileVentura choose to volunteer in combination with attending a language school in South America.

How volunteering in South America works

Social projects in South America depend on the support of volunteers and this is exactly where you come into play with your commitment. Aid projects for children, environmental protection projects and much more offer you an opportunity to get involved socially and to gain a deep insight into a country’s culture.

We support you in finding a suitable project for your volunteer work in South America. In Chile, for example, we place volunteers in various projects. Here you can help establish sustainable agriculture, help at an animal shelter, offer the street children in big cities prospects or campaign for sustainable tourism to strengthen the regional economy and much more.

Just find out more on our website and take a look at the various volunteer projects. You can find more answers to many questions in our FAQ.

In each of these areas a good knowledge of Spanish is required. If you do not speak Spanish yet, we would be happy to organize a language school with an intensive course for you before you start your volunteer work in South America. In this way, you will acquire the necessary basic knowledge within a short time and then be able to communicate with the locals.

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What to consider as a volunteer in South America

If you plan to travel to South America as a volunteer and would like to get involved in a project here, you will usually not receive any payment for your work. The projects are usually brought into being by associations and NGOs and with their tight financial budget they are dependent on volunteers. Most of the time, the volunteers also have to pay for their accommodation themselves. However, the cost of living in Chile and many other countries in South America is significantly lower than in Europe. You can therefore find suitable accommodation on a tight travel budget.

In addition, there are costs for traveling to and from the destination country. If you combine your social commitment with a trip around the selected destination country and plan a longer stay, the investment is definitely worthwhile. You also have the opportunity to save costs if you come to South America outside of the main travel season which can allow you to book a cheaper flight. Of course, we will support you in all your travel preparations.

The duration of your voluntary work in a social project in South America can be flexibly designed according to your wishes. However, we recommend a stay of at least one month. After all, you need to get used to and familiarize yourself with the country at the beginning.

Your daily volunteer time in South America is between six and eight hours on working days for most projects. The weekends are at your disposal to explore the country and its people on your own. The on-site program during your assignment depends heavily on the selected project, your individual skills and interests. By the way, it is also possible to do part time volunteer work in South America and use the other half of the day, for example, to attend a language school or for excursions.

Would you like to find out more about volunteering in South America or do you already have specific plans? With its large network of projects and local contacts in South America, ChileVentura is happy to support you in making your dream come true.

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Volunteer in Chile

ChileVentura has a huge network of volunteer jobs and projects in Chile. Here you can find all the information about volunteering in Chile and the reasons why volunteering in Chile is our favorite in South America.