What fields have volunteer opportunities?

You can decide where you want to help. Most of the projects are in the areas of social work, the environment and nature, animal welfare, infrastructure in rural areas, ecotourism and agriculture. Many projects support poor people, street children or the indigenous population in order to offer them new prospects for the future. The tasks and areas of activity vary greatly and depend on the respective program position. Simply let us know your preferences in your inquiry. Our volunteer project database provides examples of selected volunteer work in Chile.

How far in advance should I register?

We recommend that you register approx. 2 months before you start your volunteer work, so that you can plan and prepare for your trip in peace. If you can´t wait to experience Chile, you can of course shorten the preparation phase. In general there are no registration deadlines with us.

Freiwilligenarbeit Chile

Will I definitely get placed in a volunteer project?

Due to our very good contacts with a wide variety of organizations, we can place every volunteer in a suitable project.

Can I have the voluntary service abroad recognized as FSJ or FÖJ

Whether our volunteer projects in Chile are suitable for recognition as a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) or as a Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) depends on the conditions of the sponsor of the FSJ / FÖJ. Please let us know and we will check for you whether or not our program positions are suitable. In the past, most of our volunteer positions were recognized for study, training or further education purposes, as well as for social services. Unfortunately, we have no direct influence on the decision. We will be happy to issue a program confirmation for you to submit to the relevant authority or institution

Is there a minimum duration for volunteering

The minimum duration for volunteering in Chile is usually 4 weeks. An exception is volunteer work in the animal shelter, which is possible for a participation period of 2 weeks. There are also half-day positions in combination with a language course in Chile. The minimum duration here is also only 2 weeks. The maximum duration of participation per volunteer project is 6 months.

Naturpark Chile

What are the working hours for a volunteer in Chile?

The working hours depend on your personal preference. We offer full-day positions (30 to 40 hours per week) as well as half-day positions, which are carried out in connection with a Spanish course in Chile. Any help is welcome in the volunteer projects and personal requests regarding working hours can usually be taken into account. For your Chilean colleagues, 45 hours per week is the norm.

Who can participate? Is prior knowledge required?

Certain prior knowledge is not required. Anyone who wants to get involved can take part in voluntary work. We also do not have any restrictions based on citizenship. We place volunteers from all over the world in various organizations and projects in Chile. It is only important that you are tolerant and open to other cultures. Like this your volunteer work in Chile will surely be a great enrichment for you as well as for the people you help. In addition, working as a volunteer guarantees that you will be able to grow personally and broaden your horizons.

What language skills do I need to have?

Since you are usually in close contact with people in volunteer projects, it is important to have a good knowledge of Spanish. You should be able to understand people and be able to talk to them. For volunteer work in animal shelters or in environmental protection, you usually can get by with less knowledge of Spanish.
You don’t speak Spanish yet or only very little? No problem. In the language schools we have selected in Chile, you will reach the required language level in just a few weeks before starting your volunteer work.

Freiwilligenprojekt Chile

Can I sign up for volunteering even if I don't speak Spanish yet?

Yes, because even if you don’t speak Spanish or speak very little, that’s no problem. In the language schools we have selected in Chile, you will reach the required language level in just a few weeks before starting your volunteer work. A course duration of at least 6 weeks is recommended for beginners.



Do I recieve payment for my work?

Unfortunately, you usually do not receive any money for working on volunteer projects. Since the sponsors of the volunteer projects appreciate every donation and every volunteer and are not overly funded, you usually have to pay for the accommodation yourself. We are happy to help you find cheap and suitable accommodation.
The low cost of living in Chile compensates for the unpaid wages. In addition, the experiences and impressions that you will gain during a volunteer work in Chile are very valuable and cannot be outweighed with money.

Where can I live while I volunteer?

Participants who choose our Comfort program live in Chilean homestays in safe urban areas with good transportation connections. Homestays are furnished rooms in private households in which one or more rooms are sublet. A single room with half board is available to you, if you wish you can also get a double room.
For some volunteer projects, especially those outside of the big cities such as nature parks, the volunteers usually live in guest houses or volunteer houses. This type of accommodation is an integral part of the volunteer program and includes the costs.

Unterkunft Chile

Will I be picked up from the airport on arrival in Chile?

When you register for our comfort program, you will be picked up from the airport. The costs for this are included and you will be brought directly to your accommodation in Santiago de Chile. This saves you the hassle of searching for and negotiating with the taxi drivers at the airport. If you do not live in Santiago, your transfer will take you to the bus terminal in Santiago for onward travel.

Will my parents still receive children benefits?

We will send you a certificate of attendance for your volunteer work to present to your child benefit fund. The respective clerk at your child benefit fund will decide whether or not the child benefit will continue to be paid. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.
Tip: If you do the volunteer work e.g. as a preparatory internship for your studies or e.g. if you want to study languages, this can have a positive influence on the decision on whether or not to continue paying child benefit.


What insurance do I need for volunteer work in Chile?

In order to participate in a volunteer work program in Chile, you need at least a foreign health insurance plan so that you are insured in the event of illness or an accident. We offer travel insurances that are tailored for a volunteer stay in Chile and offer additional protection (illness, accident, liability, luggage) at affordable monthly premiums. You can inform yourself about the conditions and costs here.


Visum Chile

Do I need a special visa for volunteering in Chile?

​No. With the tourist permit (tarjeta de turismo), which you receive when entering Chile, you can pursue unpaid activities. The tourist permit is granted for a period of 90 days. This period can be extended on site. You can find more information about visas in our travel guide for Chile or just give us a call.


Do you have a 24 hour emergency number?

Yes. In the very unlikely event that problems arise during your stay in Chile, we are of course always at your side. Regardless of whether the problems are related to your volunteer work or are of a different nature, we are happy to help you at any time. With the confirmation of your volunteer work you will receive a 24-hour emergency number from us. This means that you can reach us outside of our business hours in an emergency.

Do I get a certificate for my volunteering?

Yes. After successfully completing your volunteer work, you will either receive a certificate of participation from the project organization or from us.

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What does a volunteer placement cost?

After a binding registration, a registration fee is due. The remaining costs only arise after successful placement. If a successful placement is not possible, you will of course receive the registration fee back. You can find all further information about the costs of volunteering here.


Why pay to volunteer?

We can understand that for some participants it may seem strange to pay something for a voluntary work abroad. For a better understanding, we would like to go into more detail here.

ChileVentura makes sure that all volunteer projects are safe, work well and are interesting for our participants. All volunteer positions are regularly checked and assessed. The feedback from our participants is also very valuable and is included in the evaluation. All participants are individually looked after and advised by us. We take time for you and respond to your wishes. Before departure, each participant receives detailed program information, important information about their stay in Chile and the opportunity to take part in an intercultural training course in Santiago de Chile. We invest a lot of time and effort to maintain our network in Chile on selected volunteer projects, organizations and authorities. Since ChileVentura could of course not maintain this service free of charge, there is a fee.

We are convinced that our service brings great added value for our participants and, above all, security in a foreign country. In theory, it would also be possible to organize voluntary work abroad on your own. However, it is all too easy to forget how time-consuming and complicated it is to find a trustworthy and suitable volunteer work yourself. What do I do when I arrive in Chile and the job is not what I wanted it to be? What if the organization cancels the planned volunteer work at short notice? How do I contact the organization? Do I always get quick and reliable answers by email? Is the project in a safe area?

Our participants do not have to worry about any of these questions. With ChileVentura you have a competent partner at your side who takes care of everything important before your departure and is also available to you during your stay in Chile.

More information about volunteering in Chile

All information on prices for volunteering in Chile, examples of volunteer projects and the registration process can be found here. You can send us a non-binding inquiry and we will answer all your questions! Of course, you can also register directly and secure a place in a volunteer project immediately.