Discover the world with language trips

Language trips are one of the best ways to learn a foreign language and immerse yourself in its culture. With a language holiday you combine holidays, adventure and education. Learning the new language happens automatically and, in contrast to attending dry evening courses or time-consuming self-study from home, is much more effective and exciting.

Set off on your individual language travel experience! Experience the beach, sun, sea and nature in the exotic countries of Latin America and get to know Spanish and fascinating cultures at the same time. Immerse yourself in the nightlife of metropolises such as Santiago de Chile, Lima or Buenos Aires.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just a language course in South America. For example, you can also take a cooking course, learn sailing, horseback riding or diving and surfing. You also have the option of combining different course locations and destinations as you wish. With ChileVentura you design your very own language trip.

Experience foreign cultures with language trips for all age groups

Language trips are the best and fastest way to learn a foreign language. This applies regardless of whether you are:

  • a student or high school graduate who wants to brush up on your foreign language skills before an important exam or simply want to spend an exciting language vacation with other young people
  • a student who wants to experience foreign countries and cultures before starting work
  • an employee that wants to take an educational leave or want to train as a manager or foreign language teacher
  • a retiree who would like to go on a language trip to learn something new
  • a person who likes to travel and just wants to have a different kind of vacation.

Language trips are a perfect opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, to go on vacation and at the same time to learn a foreign language at a level and at a speed that cannot be compared with any conventional language course. If you really want to learn a language, you have to get to know the people who speak that language and their country first hand, because the language is the key to the culture and to the hearts of the people of a country.

Immerse yourself in a new world of cultures! For example, take a Spanish course in a language school in Santiago de Chile and learn how to dance salsa at the same time. Or go to the beach to surf after attending a language school in Lima. Or learn how to dance tango in Buenos Aires. You have the choice how your language holiday in South America should look like and we will help you to design your perfect trip.

Sprachschüler Pichilemu

ChileVentura – Your Specialist for language trips in South America

ChileVentura is your travel agent for language trips in South and Latin America. Experience foreign cultures and their language on a completely new level.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a language school abroad, want to do an internship abroad, do a volunteer work, a ranch stay or au pair or maybe you want to get to know a country with work and travel. Simply choose one of our language courses or get in touch and let us advise you free of charge.

We are specialists in language travel of all kinds. We have been working with the best language schools, course locations and accommodations in South America for many years. That means:

  • You save time and nerves when organizing your language trip, as we have already made the best possible pre-selection for you.
  • You benefit from our personal connection with the language schools and you do not pay any extra charge.
  • We offer all language courses at the original prices of the respective school, with the best price guaranteed.
  • You have a competent contact person at your side if issues or questions arise during your stay abroad.
  • ChileVentura represents your interest towards the language schools.

With our wide range of language trips and language schools in Latin America, the perfect trip is guaranteed for you to fulfill your personal wishes. Just have a look around our site or contact us for a free consultation! You can find more answers to questions in our FAQ on language trips.

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Language trip to Chile

ChileVentura has an exclusive selection of the best language schools in South America. Especially in Chile you have a large selection of schools. Here you can find all information about the schools, courses, prices and much more.