Discover South America with Work and Travel

Work and Travel in South America means freedom and independence for many people and students. Work and travel trips usually last from several months to a whole year. You can of course determine the exact length of stay yourself. Most of the participants of ChileVentura choose a work & travel combined with a visit to a language school in South America. You can find information about our language courses here.

In order to have enough money, you can work wherever and whenever you like. So you have the ability to meet new people, make friends and let nature have an effect on you, without any time pressure. You have a lot of time for yourself and for thinking about how your life should go. From many people who did a year of work & travel in South America you can hear: “That was the best time of my life”. But before you decide to go, you have to consider a few things, such as the work and travel costs, when putting together your personal program.

Work and Travel in South America - to these things you have to pay attention

First of all, you have to be clear about whether you want to plan your work and travel stay in South America yourself or whether you want someone else to take over this task. Although Work & Travel is about independence, you should still consider getting an organization like ChileVentura to support you.

The issues of time and planning are particularly important here. Of course, you can theoretically collect all the information about work and travel in South America yourself and plan the trip, but often the time and experience are simply lacking. Which jobs are good? Which routes are safe and easy to drive, how does it work with the visa and how does it work with work in charitable projects or volunteer work? Do I know enough Spanish or should I go to a language school in South America beforehand? You can find more information about this in our FAQ.

Last but not least, with an organization like ChileVentura you have an experienced partner behind you who will help you out of a jam if something goes wrong with your work and travel. During your work and travel in South America or Chile you have enough opportunities to make your own decisions and to come to terms on your own, so let us help you with the planning.

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Work and Travel South America - Jobs

What jobs are actually considered for a work and travel stay in Latin or South America? Of course you need money to make your trip. That’s why it’s called Travel AND Work. Once your travel budget is full, you just move on and enjoy life.

But which jobs are suitable for this and how do you organize these jobs during your trip? ChileVentura can assist you with many contacts and competent advice, but let’s discuss the best jobs that await you during your stay abroad in South America or Chile. These are some of the job options:

  • Jobs in the tourism industry (work at the reception of hostels or hotels, animator, surf instructor, etc.)
  • Farm work or ranch stay (feeding the animals, harvest workers, horse farms)
  • Au pair and work with children

Of course, there are other ways to earn money and gain experience on your Working Holiday or Work and Travel in South America. Find out more on our website and take a look at the various offers for Travelwork.

Many of our participants combine their work and travel stay with a visit to a language school in South America in order to acquire the necessary Spanish skills. Often, different jobs in different locations are combined with one another.

The best thing is that ChileVentura supports you with your preparations in every way and that all your work and travel jobs are organized before you leave. So you know exactly when and where you will work and don’t have to worry about anything on site.

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Work and Travel in Chile

ChileVentura has a huge network of work and travel jobs in Chile. Here you will find all information about Work and Travel in Chile as well as reasons why Working Holiday in Chile is our favorite in South America.