In what fields is work and travel possible in Chile?

Thanks to our large local network, we can arrange work and travel and holiday jobs all over Chile. From the north to Patagonia, there are numerous options available, when you are choosing the location for your job. Possible employers for work and travel are mainly small hotels or hostels, local travel agencies, surf schools, tour operators, outdoor sports providers, ski areas or the like. In our job database you will find selected examples of work and travel jobs in Chile. Simply let us know your exact requirements when you fill out our inquiry form.

How far in advance should I register?

We recommend that you register 3 to 4 months before your desired departure in order to allow you time to plan and prepare for your trip in peace. If you can’t wait to experience Chile, you can of course shorten the preparation phase. In general, there are no registration deadlines with us.

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How high are my chances of getting a suitable job?

Due to our good contacts with a wide variety of employers in Chile, you don’t have to worry. We will find a suitable work and travel job for all of our participants

Can I travel with a friend?

Yes of course! Most of our participants select different jobs, but live in the same place, as most companies can only accept one Work & Traveler at a time. So if you both live near each other, you can meet up at any time and spend your free time together. We would also be happy to find a joint program position for you. However, since there are only a few such jobs, we cannot guarantee availability.

What is the difference between work & travel, working holiday and internships?

The two terms “Working Holiday” and “Work and Travel” refer to exactly the same type of program. Unlike in Australia, for example, there is no officially established name in Chile. In addition, with our work and travel programs, you can find out exactly where you will be working before you leave. We handle your job placement and you will receive all the contact information of your employer before you leave. This is an important difference when compared to work and travel in Australia or New Zealand. There you have to organize your jobs yourself, mostly on site. ChileVentura will do it for you!

In contrast to an internship, a Working Holiday or Work and Travel focuses on fun, action and something new to experience. That is why we sometimes talk about vacation jobs. Our work and travel program offers you a great opportunity to get to know the country and its people on a budget. Accommodation and meals are always free, which means you can keep your budget small. The jobs are offered in the tourism, hotel, leisure and sport sectors.

In the case of an internship, however, the technical and professional aspects are in the foreground. The aim here is to deepen your theoretical knowledge in a specific area and to gain international work experience. You can do an internship in all professions and economic sectors. Often internships abroad are required for ones studies.

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Do I have to find my jobs in Chile myself?

With our work and travel programs, you will always receive all the contact details for your job or jobs before departure, if you want to combine several program positions. We take care of everything. This is an important difference compared to work and travel in Australia or New Zealand. There you usually have to organize your jobs yourself as soon as you have arrived in your target country. ChileVentura will do it for you!

Is a certain length or start date required?

No. You determine the duration and start date of your working holiday assignment yourself. However, it usually makes sense not to go below 2 months so that you can familiarize yourself and settle in. Most participants choose a duration between 2 and 4 months. The absolute minimum duration is 4 weeks. The maximum duration for a job is 6 months. Of course, you can combine several different jobs and stay in Chile for as long as you want.

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What are the working hours for a Work and Traveler in Chile?

The working week is usually 30 to 40 hours per week. However, some jobs require flexibility. It is possible that you might have to work on the weekend and have the day off during the week. In the tourism sector, in particular, people often work in shifts.

Who can participate? Do you need previous experience?

Certain prior knowledge is not required. Anyone who would like to work and live in Chile for a while can take part in a Work and Travel in Chile. We also do not make any restrictions on citizenship. Our service is available to participants from all over the world. We place participants who have just finished school, students or professionals who, for example, want to do a sabbatical.

Is Chile a safe travel destination?

Chile is clearly one of the safest countries in Latin America. The big cities are hardly any more unsafe than most European cities. You can move around freely and carefree anywhere, as foreigners are generally treated in a friendly manner in Chile. Of course you should be careful with larger gatherings – just like everywhere else in the world, there are pickpockets in Chile too. You can find more information in our travel tips.

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Which vaccinations do I need?

In principle, no special vaccinations are required for entry into Chile. A yellow fever vaccination is only required for trips to Easter Island when entering from certain tropical countries. Tropical diseases such as malaria, yellow fever or dengue fever do not exist in Chile. You should have all common standard vaccinations such as tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis A + B refreshed. You can find more information about vaccinations in our travel tips.

When will I get a confirmation for my job?

After you have registered and paid the registration fee, we will take care of your placement. We will create a personal applicant profile for you in Spanish and introduce you to suitable program positions. As soon as you have been accepted, we will send you the offer with detailed information about your job. If you like our offer and would like to accept the job, you will receive a booking confirmation with all further information. Usually this process takes between 4 to 8 weeks.


What language skills do I need?

Depending on the type of your holiday job, you need different levels of Spanish. Basic knowledge is sufficient in most areas. You should be able to understand work instructions and make yourself understandable to others.

Even if you don’t speak any Spanish or speak very little, that’s no problem. In the Spanish schools we have selected, you will achieve the required language level in a few weeks before you start or during your work and travel assignment. A minimum course duration of 6 weeks is recommended for beginners.

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Can I register for a Work & Travel even if I don't speak Spanish yet?

Yes, because even if you don’t speak Spanish or speak very little, that’s no problem. In the language schools in Chile that we have selected, you will achieve the required language level in just a few weeks before you start or during your working holiday. A minimum course duration of 6 weeks is recommended for beginners.

Are work and holiday jobs in Chile paid?

You will receive accommodation and food (breakfast, half or full board) for free. Some employers also pay a small amount of pocket money

Where will I live during my work and travel job?

This depends on the exact program. If we offer you a job, you will always find detailed information about your accommodation in our offer. In most cases you will be housed right where you work. For example in a hostel, hotel or staff house.

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Will I be picked up from the airport when I arrive in Chile?

We would gladly organize an airport transfer for you. This saves you the hassle of searching for and negotiating with the taxi drivers at the airport. If you do not live in Santiago, your transfer will take you to the bus terminal in Santiago for onward travel.

Will my parents still receive children benefits?

We will send you a certificate of attendance for your work and travel to present to your child benefit fund. The respective clerk at your child benefit fund will decide whether or not the child benefit will continue to be paid. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.
Tip: If you do the job e.g. as a preparatory internship for your studies or e.g. if you want to study languages, this can have a positive influence on the decision on whether or not to continue paying child benefit.

Which insurance do I need?

In order to participate in a working holiday program in Chile, you need at least a foreign health insurance plan so that you are insured in the event of illness or an accident. We offer travel insurances that are tailored for a work and travel stay in Chile and offer additional protection (illness, accident, liability, luggage) at affordable monthly premiums. You can inform yourself about the conditions and costs here.

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Do I need a special visa for work and travel in Chile?

​As long as you are not in paid work or have a permanent job in Chile, you do not need a special visa, unless your employer requires a working holiday visa. Normally, however, the so-called Tarjeta de Turismo is completely sufficient to pursue unpaid activities. You will receive this automatically when you enter Chile. You can find more information about visas in our travel guide for Chile.


Do you have a 24 hour emergency number?

Yes. In the very unlikely event that problems arise during your stay in Chile, we are of course always at your side. Regardless of whether the problems are related to your work and travel job or are of a different nature, we are happy to help you at any time. With the confirmation of your job you will receive a 24-hour emergency number from us. This means that you can reach us outside of our business hours in case of an emergency.

Do I get a certificate for my job?

Yes. After successfully completing your work and travel assignment, you will either receive a certificate from the employer or from us. You can also request a job reference from your employer.

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What is the cost of a working holiday job?

After submitting a binding registration, a deposit is due. The remaining costs only arise after successful placement. If a successful placement is not possible, you will of course receive your deposit back. You can find all information about the costs here.

More information about work and travel in Chile

All information about prices for a Work and Travel or Working Holiday job in Chile, examples of jobs and the registration process can be found here. You can send us a non-binding inquiry and we will answer all your questions! Of course, you can also register directly and get a great job straight away.