Experience South America with our international exchange programs

Work and Travel South America

You just want to get out, experience something exciting and work and travel in South America for a while? Rafting, kayaking, volcanic beaches and much more awaits you. Most work and travel jobs in South America are offered in the tourism sector, but working on a horse farm or ranch is also possible. The best part is that you have free board and lodging.  more information

Work and Travel Südamerika

Volunteer work South America

Would you like to get involved socially? After graduating from high school do a gap year or engage in community service? If yes, then volunteering in South America is just the thing. We offer you the opportunity to work as a volunteer in social projects in South America. You can choose from a wide variety of different volunteer projects.  more information

Freiwilligenarbeit Südamerika

Internship South America

Would you like to gain work experience in South America through a special internship or a preparatory internship, apply your knowledge in practice or simply gain insights into an interesting area? Then you are at the right place. We fulfill almost every internship requirement in Chile.  more information

Praktikum Südamerika

Au-pair South America

Do you love children and would you like to work as an au pair in South America? If yes, then our au pair programs are a great opportunity for that. As an au pair in South America you will take part in daily family life, improve your Spanish skills and immerse yourself directly in Latin American culture.
In addition, with an au pair job you will not only have unforgettable experiences, but also strengthen your independence and make friends for life.  more information

Au-pair Südamerika

Farmstay South America

Treat yourself to an experience abroad with a farm stay or ranch stay in South America. Farm work is an adventurous opportunity to change your perspective and broaden your horizons. Especially when the farm is on the other side of the world.
If you enjoy being in nature and physical work on a ranch or farm doesn’t scare you, then a farm stay in South America is just the thing for you.  more information

Farmstay Südamerika

Language trips South America

Learn Spanish through speaking it. South America is a great place to learn Spanish. We arrange your language trip to South America and Chile guaranteed at original prices without additional costs. We know the best language schools in South America. Whether to prepare for an internship, a trip through Latin America or just to further your education and learn Spanish, we are happy to advise you.  more information

Sprachreise Südamerika

Country focus Chile

Why do we specialize in Chile? ChileVentura is the specialist for Chile. In South America, Chile is considered the safest travel destination. Chile is economically stable and very well developed for travel of all kinds. That is why we offer our programs mainly in Chile. We have the largest selection there. But you can also do all of our programs in almost any other country in South America and Central America. Just ask us!