What do our clients say about us

In the following you will find the feedback, reviews and experience testimonials from former participants of ChileVentura .

Work and Travel in Pucon:

I worked in a travel agency in Pucon. Pucon is an outdoor paradise. I was able to do so many activities in nature. It was the perfect place for me. Working with my colleagues was fun and they also gave me a lot of tips for leisure activities.
Many thanks to ChileVentura for the organization!

Luiza G.


Spanish course in Pucón:

My host family in Pucon was very friendly and helpful. The teachers were really nice too. I could improve my Spanish a lot, so I can say that I really had a great experience!

Peter G.


Internship in Santiago:

I did an internship at a business consultancy in Las Condes, Santiago. My colleagues were super nice. The tasks I got were fine, too. Overall I had a great time in Chile and would go there again any time!

Kris H.


Work and Travel in Pucón:

Thank you for the organization. I worked in a hostel in Pucón for food and lodging. Pucón is great for all nature lovers. I will definitely come again.

Jan W.


Volunteer work and Spanish course in Vina del Mar:

I learned for life. The work with the children was so amazing. It was really hard to go home again. I definitely will come back to Chile.
Thanks to everybody, my Spanish teachers, the project team and Chileventura for the organisation.

Amy B.


Spanish course and accommodation in Santiago de Chile:

Yeah super happy. The school was great, learnt the basics and now after 3 months of just speaking, my Spanish is quite good I think. I’ve done the length of Chile now from working up at a winery and now down in Patagonia working as a helper guide in Torres del Paine. So ultimately very successful so far. Off to Argentina in a month then Cuba and Colombia after that.

Thanks again for your help!

Hector C.


Internship in Santiago de Chile:

I enjoyed my stay a lot. The work I was doing was interesting and I learnt a lot from it, especially about what it takes to get a new business off the ground. The people were all friendly and welcoming and the office itself was full of small start up companies with people from all over.
There were also plenty of opportunities to practice my Spanish which was good. Santiago itself is very nice!
All in all I had a very good time.

Caroline H.


Spanish course and accommodation in Valparaiso:

It was great! The school itself has good teachers and I learnt a lot. The home stay was amazing! The usual woman wasn’t there however she arranged for a friend of hers to be at the house while I was there and my experience with her has been a highlight of my whole trip.

Nina S.


Volunteer work with kids in Santiago:

My staying went really well and I liked my volunteer work a lot. Working there was such a great experience the kids were super kind and made it easy to adapt there.
I also liked the country and the Chilean culture. It was nice to work a part of the time with other volunteers, because I only knew one person in Santiago when I arrived.
I’m happy I chose ChileVentura and I don’t really have anything to complain about. I enjoyed the trip and I would recommend the organization to my friends and others.

Nora P.


Internship in Marketing in Puerto Varas:

They were very nice at the company and it was very interesting to participate in the “aqua-sur” fair.
They were very good at introducing me to people and were very interested in hearing about Denmark etc. And I definitely improved my Spanish 🙂

Nina F.


Spanish course in Santiago de Chile:

Overall, I loved Chile and can’t wait to come back.
I found the classes I took with you to be excellent. I feel that I was placed in an appropriate level; I certainly was challenged, but challenged enough that I was inspired to work and improve my current language level. I liked how conversation-based the class was, as I do think I learned lots through that approach.
If I were to come back to Chile, I would use ChileVentura again, and I would recommend you to friends.

Jesse S.


Spanish course in Vina del Mar:

The school and the teachers in Vina del Mar were really nice and very good. If I had had more time, I would have liked to stay 2-3 weeks more to improve my language knowledge further.
I really recommend the school and would book again!

Marcus T.


Spanish course and accommodation in Valparaíso:

We had nice teachers, very small groups and good teaching material. We have learned a lot in the Spanish course.
Also with our accommodation we were very pleased. The owner is very nice, the rooms are large and clean. Breakfast was good and there were good cooking facilities.

Dominik S.


Spanish course in Vina del Mar:

I have enjoyed my trip very much thank you. I was very impressed with the school. All the teachers were excellent and willing to go the extra mile to help me improve my Spanish. I also learned a lot about Chile and its culture through the well organized activities.

The accommodation was also excellent. The apartment is in an excellent location, is secure and has useful facilities such as swimming pools and a gymnasium. I was extremely happy to stay with Priscilla and Mauro. They are lovely people and looked after me really well. They helped me improve my Spanish and able to offer me some very useful advice about Vina and Chile in general.

Overall I have had an excellent trip. I made many new friends, improved my Spanish and had time to discover and explore the country. I hope to return to Chile very soon.

Thank you for making it so easy to make this trip possible. You were very efficient and it was delight to be able to organize everything directly through you.

Craig N.


Spanish course in Santiago:

The teachers were both very nice and professional and
the lessons were a lot of fun. The
leisure activities were very varied. The host family
took good care of me and was very courteous.

Saskia O.


Volunteer work in an NGO (infrastructure) in Santiago:

I really enjoyed my time in Chile, it was the best part of my trip. The NGO is a great organization and I made some very good friends there. The work was really rewarding and I would highly recommend that organization to any of your volunteers. The room and accommodation was nice as well, the lady was very nice. Santiago is a great city and again I can’t express enough how good of a time I had there, especially with this NGO. Thanks for your help and putting me with that organization.

Walter A.


Spanish course in Iquique:

I was very pleased with my experience at the school. The staff were professional and very helpful. I significantly improved my Spanish during my 6 week stay.

Michael T.


Spanish course in Santiago:

My stay in Chile, Santiago was great. The house was good, the school and teachers were good and professional. And the city was safe and fun!
It was a great experiences for me:-)

Enrique M.


Spanish course in Santiago:

Hola Manuel,
The school was excellent, and my accommodations were even better.

Ed H.


Spanish course in Santiago:

I had a great experience. Learned a lot from all the teachers. I had the pleasure of having and enjoyed living in Elionoras house. Being able to hang with other students AND teachers after class did a lot to improve the atmosphere at the school, I think.

And thank you for your assistance. I hope I will be able to get back to the school in the future!

Adam S.


Hostel job in Santiago:

The first few weeks of my stay I had to take over smaller tasks that had to be done within the hostel. As my language skills grew better, I got tasks at the reception and usually had to take over the shift from 16 to 22 o´clock .
My colleagues were very nice and explained me all the working processes very well. Overall, I can say that my work at the hostel was a lot of fun, especially because you get to know people from all over the world.
I really enjoyed my 5 months in Chile. Besides the fact that Chile is a totally diverse country and the Chileans are open and helpful, it was also a new experience for me to stay on my own for a longer time abroad. I could improve my language skills and get to know a new culture. This made my stay in Chile to an experience which I would not like to miss under any circumstances!

Charlotte S.


Hostel job in Valparaíso:

For me, my nine weeks in Chile, were a unique and truly beautiful experience. I can only recommend it! To spend some time abroad on your own is always a good thing, and this country is really something special. You will not only enjoy many new meals, but also notice how friendly and open the Chileans are. I felt very comfortable in Valparaiso and it has become my second home 🙂
Thanks for everything!

Lucille M.


Internship in Santiago:

It was a very nice internship. I learned a lot at this pharmaceutical company. The first month I saw the differerent departments in the company. I learned a lot about the company and the way of handling here in Chile. The second month I did a project in the warehouse to improve processes with my logistic experience from the companies I worked for in Poland and the Netherlands.

At the end I suceeded in my personal goals. I gained (working) experiece and learned a lot of Spanish. It was a very succesfull internship and I am glad I did this internship.

With kind regards,

Bram N.


Work and Travel in a Surfer Hostel:

I really enjoyed my time in Chile at the Hostel. I had a very good experience and met a lot of lovely people, it was definitely one of the highlights of my stay in Latin America, and I am really glad that I did it!

I think this hostel is a good place to do a work and travel program such as this one… I would recommend it!

Thank you very much!

Lucile B.


Volunteer work with children:

I absolutely loved my stay in Chile! I learned so much about myself, language, culture, and life. My host family was extremely hospitable and accommodating, and in no time I felt like I belonged there. My teacher at the language school not only taught me crucial language skills in an efficient and thorough manner, but she quickly became my good friend.
Volunteering in the home for young girls was a beautiful experience; there is nothing like bringing a smile to the face of someone who has endured so much. Living in Pucón for the last three months has been amazing. Thank you, ChileVentura, for making my dreams a reality!

Olivia M.


Spanish language course in Santiago de Chile:

Hello Mr. Hildenbrand,
Thank you very much for your help.
I really like the Spanish course and Santiago! A great city.

With very best regards,

Beatrix J.


Spanish course in Pucón:

Dear Manuel,
Yes, everything was just fine once I got there. But one week was such a short time, I’ll probably continue studying in some other country since I’m going to travel around South America.
Thanks for all the arrangements!


Pirjo S.


Work and travel in a travel agency and Spanish course in Valparaíso:

In particular the time with Victoria was great because she really has taken great care of everything. (But you probably know that from your own experience). The school was also really good. Both the teachers and the atmosphere were great!
The work, however, was at first a little hard because I have only learned Spanish for one month and therefore the Spanish conversations were difficult (and sometimes still are).
At the beginning my task was to improve the German texts of the website of the Agency or to translate the Spanish texts in German. For three months this work alone would be something boring, but luckily I was able to accompany some tours as an interpreter and was able to explore the landscape even more. I assume that I would have been allowed to accompany even more trips if my Spanish would have been better.
But all in all, I can highly recommend this experience! Orlando has helped me to plan my trip through South America further!
So thank you again for the very uncomplicated organisation of everything!

Lenni B.


Spanish course in Santiago:

Hello everyone,

I have not forgotten you!
I had a wonderful time with you! I learned a lot – even though I did not speak very much Spanish! I really liked everything: the party with your friends; that meeting in Cumbre hotel; the evening we looked at photos- and the stories of Bruno were really very interesting. Not to be forgotten is the temperament of Cecilia – this joy of life is just great!

Please pass on my warmest regards!

Alfons B.


Spanish course in Valparaíso:

I am excited about Valparaíso! I liked the school, my teacher was great and Mary has welcomed me warmly in her house. In addition, the city is simply amazing. I’m actually thinking about coming back again during my trip through South America in order to spend more time here – the 4 weeks have gone by so fast!
I am very glad that I decided on this town and the school, I had a great time here.

Thank you for everything,

Love and best wishes!

Lina D.


Spanish course in Viña del Mar:

After four weeks, I can truly say that in the school it has been lacking nothing. The lessons are presented in an accessible and easy to follow way and if one needs longer due to lack of knowledge all the teachers are very patient and helpful to answer the questions. The school atmosphere is very friendly and open. During the daily, varied program of the school it is easy to make new friends among other students and also among teachers.
The school is easily accessible by foot or by bus. It is centrally located and the orientation in Viña del Mar is generally not a problem for foreigners, because you can navigate easily using numeric road naming.
I can therefore warmly recommend the school and would attend a Spanish course at any time again.
The apartment (a flat share with 5 other Chileans) was also really pleasant. The people were very friendly and the house is very nice. I would especially recommend this accommodation for “younger” guests (18-late 20’s).

Leon S.


Internship in a media company in Santiago:

I have settled myself really well here in Chile. In fact so much, I would like to stay longer.
I will be in Germany on the 7th of October and would like to send you detailed feedback then.
But I can tell you now: I’m so lucky with my host family, they are such kind, helpful people. Also, my employer, the editors were always very friendly, my work gave me great pleasure.

Que ustedes vayan muy bien.
Hasta Luego,

Maria M.


Spanish course in Pucón:

Hello Manuel,
thanks for the request. I was very satisfied with the course!
Thank you for the placement!

Saludos de Pucón,

Melanie W.


Volunteer work with children:

I just wanted to let you know that I am now in Chile since Friday and both with my family and with my volunteer work I am very satisfied. All are very nice!

Theresa W.


Volunteering in Santiago:

From the beginning I was warmly welcomed and cared for. Despite my limited language skills I could arrange my days and felt settled. As an occupational therapist I was able to shape the field of “Terapia ocupacional”, which was not previously used, and to do first therapeutic measures. Also in the therapy with horses I could get some good insights. So everything is great!
I would like to send a detailed report and photos when I’m back home.
Until then, best wishes.

Annika W.


Work and Travel job in a Hostel in Valparaíso:

I wanted to inform you with this mail that during the first week here in Chile everything worked out great. The flight, the hostel in Santiago and accommodation here in Valparaiso are great. The city is also great although it gets very cold in the evening. In addition, the Spanish course with my teacher Sebastian is very funny and we are making good progress.

Lennart B.


Internship in Santiago:

The internship was really great. I learned a lot, had much to do, had a lot of responsibility and, above all, it was really fun. The team here is great, both the bosses and the employees.
I think they really liked me because they did not want me to go and kept offering me to extend my internship contract which flatters me of course and really makes me think whether I should stay longer.

I can recommend this company to everybody who wants to improve his Spanish and English.
Thank you for this great internship placement!

Sandra B.


Internship in engineering in Santiago:

Santiago was awesome. I am so happy with my decision to stay here for three months. I have not seen much else of Chile though, but I was previously travelling non-stop and now I will do so again. Thank you so much for your help – this internship has definitely been fun.

Richard R.


Spanish course in Puerto Varas:

I’ve been back in Germany for a few weeks now, and am finally sending my feedback:
So, staying with the couple who head the school in PuertoVaras was, and is fully recommendable. The lessons are designed very close to everyday life, lovingly planned and orientated on the student’s individual needs and preferences. Also group excursions, cooking classes etc. are included in the lessons. Even outside the classroom the two are available at any time for questions – there are common activities and they can give insight into Chilean life. For any problem, they are on side.
I am very glad that I chose this school. I would book another course in Puerto Varas so I could meet those lovely people again!

Isabel S.


Spanish course in Pucón:

I have now been in Chile for three months and I think the course in Pucón has given me a very good start in the language. I could practice a lot, especially speaking and listening, making it easier for me in the first few weeks to understand the Chilean Spanish. The learning hours were good and adapted to the current level of language and learning. Also changing the teacher after 2 hours was good, because of variation.
For me, staying in Pucon was very nice and I’m very happy that I made this decision.

Mareike S.


Au-Pair in Santiago:

Chile was really great – the country is great and the people sooo cute. Had a really great time.

Sandra F.


Volunteer work and Spanish course in Chile:

After I left school it was clear to me that I wanted to spend three months in Chile. On searching the internet for a suitable placement agency for language courses and volunteer work, I finally stumbled on “Chileventura”. My non-binding inquiry by e-mail immediately was followed by a wealth of information and answers to my questions.

So I finally decided to book a Spanish course and a volunteer project through ChileVentura. Despite my short-term request, it was possible without any problems to organize a language course, accommodation and a volunteer project according to my personal wishes.

My questions were, both before and during my stay, always answered within a few hours. I am very satisfied with the placement and customer service. Thus I can recommend “ChileVentura” to everyone who is looking for support in the search for a language course, accommodation or volunteer work (and does not want to pay a big amount of money as it is with most other agencies).

Hannah D.


Farmstay in Patagonia:

Hello Manuel, thanks for the recommendation. So far everything has worked out well.

Rinki S.


Spanish course and guest family in Pucón:

I have now arrived in Pucón and have also had the first lessons now. Both the hostel and the teachers are great. Thanks again for the great placement of both things.
Jenny S.


Hostel job in Santiago:

I’m thrilled!
The Hostel is a dream, I feel totally comfortable and am having a lot of fun!
School is just as great, learning a lot and the teachers are very nice.

Thank you!

Eva. W.


Spanish course in Santiago:

I’m very happy with my choice. The two teachers are really helpful and the atmosphere is very relaxed, familiar.

Mareike S.


Ranchstay with horses in the South of Chile:

I can already say that my time in Chile was really great (I’m even thinking of moving my flight back to have a few weeks’ more time).

Anna D.