Requesting Flights

ChileVentura is always looking for the best prices for you. We partner with STA Travel, the specialist for cheap flights worldwide. You benefit from cheap and flexible youth and student prices. You can find more advantages below.

Your Advantages

Advantages of booking a flight with STA Travel and ChileVentura:

  • Easy and quick change of route after booking
  • Fixed contact person during your entire stay in the event of rebooking, loss of luggage etc.
  • Direct support from the special department of educational travel at STA Travel (access only possible via ChileVentura)
  • Cheap and flexible flight prices for stays of up to 18 months
  • Cheap one way flights for custom route plans
  • Over 12 years of experience in organizing air travel
  • Over 80 national and international airlines

Just like us, our partner stresses the importance of custom advice and individual service. That’s why you won’t find an anonymous online flight search engine on our website, but a form for a personal flight offer by the employees of STA Travel.

When comparing cheap fares on the Internet, you should always consider the advantages mentioned above and ask whether other flight providers can offer the same conditions and a comparable service. For some individuals, a very cheap flight may be ok, for others, individual, flexible prices and a competent contact person for problems, such as loss of luggage or unexpected rebooking is more important.