Photos from the north

The driest desert in the world, lunar landscapes with volcanic cones, huge salt lakes and sand dunes, fertile valleys and huge copper mines. The north of Chile is a bizarre place on earth.

Photos from the middle

Vineyards, fantastic ski areas, fantastic Pacific beaches and the peaks of the Andes in the background – all of this is concentrated in a very small space in the fertile central zone of Chile.

Photos from the south

Impenetrable primeval forests and lush green pastures framed by deep blue lakes in which the snow-capped peaks of the volcanoes are reflected. The contrasting south of Chile has all of this to offer.

Photos from Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

Empty spaces, wild landscapes, dark forests and calving glaciers result in a ghostly beauty – that is Patagonia, the southern tip of the continent with Tierra del Fuego. Here at the end of the world, the hearts of adventurers and solitude worshipers beat faster.