In what fields are internships possible in Chile?

Thanks to our first-class contacts in Chile, we are able to arrange internships in almost all industries. We maintain contacts with renowned international companies, with large Chilean companies, with medium-sized companies as well as with private and public institutions. We don’t offer generic internship positions, but organize each internship position individually and based on your preferences. Simply let us know your exact internship requirements in your inquiry. In our internship database you will find examples of internships in Chile.

How far in advance should I register?

We recommend that you register approx. 3 to 4 months prior to the desired internship date, so that you can plan and prepare your trip in peace. If you can’t wait to go to Chile, you can of course shorten the preparation phase. In general, there are no registration deadlines with us.

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How high are my chances to find an internship?

Due to our good contacts in various fields, the chances of successfully finding a suitable internship are very high. We have a success rate of over 99% and can therefore fulfill almost any internship requirement.

When will I receive my internship confirmation?

You should expect between 4-8 weeks to receive your internship confirmation. The processing time depends on your desired internship area, the availability of positions and our current workload. As soon as we have found an internship for you, we will prepare the internship offer for you and send it to you. After you have accepted a suitable internship offer, you will receive a confirmation with all the participation documents.

Is a certain duration of the internship or a date required?

No. You determine the duration and start date of your internship yourself. However, it usually makes sense not to go fewer than 2 months so that you can familiarize yourself and get to know the Chilean work culture. The absolute minimum duration is 4 weeks. Experience has shown that the optimal duration of an internship is between 3 and 6 months.

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What are the work hours for an intern in Chile?

The legal weekly working time in Chile is 45 hours. The actual working hours during your internship depend on the company in question though.  There are companies where you will have shorter working hours. Under no circumstances will the working hours during your internship exceed the statutory weekly working hours.

Who can participate? Do you need previous knowledge?

Prior knowledge is not required. Anyone who wants to spice up their résumé with international work experience can take part in an internship in Chile. We also do not make any restrictions on one’s citizenship. Our internship placement is available to participants from all over the world. We place participants who have just finished school, students from various fields of study or even professionals who want to retrain, want to look at a certain industry or want to gain work experience in Chile.

What language skills do I need?

Depending on the type of your internship, different levels of Spanish are required. Basic knowledge is sufficient in some areas, where you may be around English or German speakers, but for most internships, good Spanish is essential.
But even if you don’t speak any Spanish or only very little, that’s no problem. In the Spanish schools we have selected, you will achieve the required language level in a few weeks before starting or during your internship. A minimum course duration of 6 weeks is recommended for beginners.

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Can I register for an internship even if I don't speak Spanish yet?

Yes, because even if you don’t speak Spanish or speak very little, that’s no problem. In the language schools we have selected, you will reach the required language level in just a few weeks before starting or during your internship. A minimum course duration of 6 weeks is recommended for beginners.



Are internships in Chile paid?

In Chile it is not customary for interns to receive wages. Larger companies usually only pay for lunch and travel. Nevertheless, we do have contacts to companies that offer payment. If possible, we will of course first place you with these companies. However, a paid internship cannot be guaranteed. The low cost of living in Chile compensates for the unpaid or low wage. You will also have the opportunity to gain work experience in Spanish-speaking countries. This investment in your professional future will definitely pay off in the long term.

Where can I live during my internship?

Our participants live in homestays in safe neighborhoods with good transportation links. Homestays are furnished rooms in private households in which one or more rooms are sublet. You have a single room available, if you wish you can also get a double room. Most of our participants reserve accommodation without meals because they want to be flexible with regard to meal times. Half-board is also possible on request. Each resident has free access to the kitchen to store and prepare food.

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Will I be picked up from the airport on arrival in Chile?

When you register for our comfort program, you will be picked up from the airport. The costs for this are included and you will be brought directly to your accommodation in Santiago de Chile. This saves you the hassle of searching for and negotiating with the taxi drivers at the airport. If you do not live in Santiago, your transfer will take you to the bus terminal in Santiago for onward travel.

Will my parents still receive children benefits?

We will send you a certificate of attendance for your internship to present to your child benefit fund. The respective clerk at your child benefit fund will decide whether or not the child benefit will continue to be paid. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.
Tip: If you do the internship e.g. as a preparatory internship for your studies or e.g. if you want to study languages, this can have a positive influence on the decision on whether or not to continue paying child benefit.

What insurance is needed for my internship in Chile?

In order to participate in an internship program in Chile, you need at least a foreign health insurance plan so that you are insured in the event of illness or an accident. We offer travel insurances that are tailored for an internship in Chile and offer additional protection (illness, accident, liability, luggage) at affordable monthly premiums. You can inform yourself about the conditions and costs here.


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Do I need a special visa for an internship in Chile?

​As long as the internship is unpaid, you do not need a special visa, unless the internship company requires it. You can find more information about visas in our travel guide for Chile.

Do you have a 24 hour emergency number?

Yes. In the very unlikely event that problems arise during your stay in Chile, we are of course always at your side. Regardless of whether the problems are related to your internship or are of a different nature, we are happy to help you at any time. With the confirmation of your internship, you will receive a 24-hour emergency number from us. This means that you can reach us outside of our business hours in an emergency.

Do I get a certificate for my internship?

Yes. After successfully completing your internship, you will either receive proof of the internship from your employer or from us. In addition, you can request an internship certificate from your employer.

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What is the cost of an internship placement?

After a binding registration, a registration fee is due. The remaining costs only arise after successful placement. If a successful placement is not possible, you will of course receive the registration fee back. You can find all information about the costs here.

More information about internships in Chile

You can find information on prices for an internship in Chile, examples of internship positions and the registration process here. You can send us a non-binding inquiry and we will answer all your questions! Of course, you can also register directly and secure an internship right away.